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Helpful Links - Resources & Inspiration

Thank you for visiting our website. Here are a few sites we recommend for useful information and inspriation.

Coast of Maine
This company offers a full line of organic compost, soil, fertilizers, and amendments all made in Maine.

Donahue's Clematis
The #1 clematis propagators. This web site contains all the answers to your questions about the beautiful clematis plant.

Got Pests?
Pests can be insects, weeds, fungi, mice and other animals, or microorganisms, like bacteria and viruses. Before you swat, stamp, or spray, know your enemy and, most importantly, know that it is an enemy, and not a beneficial or harmless plant or animal.

Guide to Composting at Home
Composting is a great and inexpensive way to help the environment as well as cut down on the need for fertilizers and some types of pesticides. It is also an activity that both adults and children can participate in.

Home & Garden IPM
The intent of these pages from the Cooperative Extension is to help people in Maine identify pests that are found in and around the home and garden, and to provide information on how to control them, when necessary.

Living Acres
The majority of our plants are grown in Living Acres' Greenhouse Mix, this gives them a strong root system. Living Acres offers many excellent organic soils and fertilizer products to help your plants thrive.

Maine Dept of Agriculture
Division of Plant Industry: Maine's plant regulatory agency, responsible for protecting the State's plant resources from the introduction and spread of regulated insects and diseases. You will find up to date information on pests and diseases, along with the IPM approach to control it.

Perry's Perennial Pages
Look here to find valuable information on perennials along with on-line gardening courses. The Herbaceous Perennial Course is excellent, I have had my staff complete this course.

Proven Winners
High performance plants to improve you garden. They offer gardening advise, combination recipes for containers and hanging baskets, as well as a plant search engine.

Simply Beautiful
Offers gardening advise, combination recipes for containers and hanging baskets, and a plant search engine for Simply Beautiful plants.

Sunny Border
A great perennial resource web site, pictures and specific plant requirements for all the perennials they carry.

UCONN Plant Database
A searchable data base containing, trees, shrubs and vines. Search by Latin name or common name, results with photos and cultural information.

University of Maine Cooperative Extension
Every gardener should have this site bookmarked, it is the most valuable resource for the gardeners in the State of Maine.

Walters Gardens
Features a fantastic perennial plant data base which includes photos, specific plant requirements and the companion plants that will compliment one another.