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Garden Shop - Products & Decor


Looking to enhance your gardening experience?

Make sure to check out the products available in our Retail Shop. We have expanded our offerings, so be sure to look in every every nook and cranny for that special item on your list.

Decor Items

You’ve asked, we’ve listened. Bird baths are in! We have some very beautiful and unique bird baths this season. We have also added more gardening tools, plant supports, hangers, pottery, containers, trellises, cards, and gift items.

Seeds & Bulbs
  • Allen Sterling & Lothrop Seeds
  • Seed Potatoes
  • Onion Sets
  • Asparagus Roots
  • Strawberry Plants
  • Summer & Fall Bulbs
Natural & Organic Soil Amendments
  • Coast of Maine
  • Living Acres
  • Fafard
  • Espoma
  • Peat Moss
Natural & Organic Fertilizers
  • Daniel’s
  • Jungle Juice
  • Living Acres
Other Fertilizers
  • Proven Winner
  • Jack’s Petunia Feed
  • Jack’s All-Purpose
  • Osmocote Slow Release
  • Lilac Food
Natural Pest Control
  • Bio-Controls (beneficial insects, special order)
  • Remay (floating row cover)
Mulch & Landscape Items
  • Bagged Mulch
  • Burlap
  • Landscape Fabric
  • Garden Gloves & Hand Tools