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Birdbath Bowls

You will have the option of making a hypertufa or concrete bird bath. A basic bowl shaped birdbath can be created or you may choose a large leaf to mold your birdbath around. We have use rhubarb leaves, and cabbage leaves, because of the deep veins these leaves have. You may bring your own leaf or choose one of ours. Cost: $20.00 per person

Hypertufa Container

A hypertufa is a light weight mixture of Portland cement, sand and peat moss, that can be used to make birdbaths, stepping stones and planter. The walls of a hypertufa are thick and porous which allows for a reservoir of water and air for your plants. A shallow hypertufa is can be filled with a variety of succulents, alpine plants or sedums for a unique planter. They will age natural and may be set on the ground in your garden amongst the other plants. Cost: $25.00 per person

Fairy Gardens

Come create your own container fairy garden with annual plants from our greenhouses and natural materials you discover in our surrounding woodland areas. The best part of this experience has been to see the wonderful variety of fairy gardens at the end! Great for childrens birthday parties. Fee: $10.00 per person

Cooking with Herbs

Use of fresh herbs from your garden can help cut your grocery budget and make ordinary meals healthier and tastier! Come learn how to cook with those herbs you have growing in the garden. Discussion will also include harvest, drying and storage. Cost: TBD

Planting: Seedlings to Trees

How and where you plant any seedling, mature plant, tree, or shrub can determine its success or failure in the garden or landscape. Come learn the basics about how to care for and plant your living investments once you get them home. Cost: Free

Veggie Container Gardening

Many types and varieties of vegetables can be grown in containers right on your deck or in your yard. We will teach you how to select plants and containers, what to use for soil and fertilizers, and how to plant and care for your containers. Cost: Free

Perennial Gardening

With proper planning and attention perennial gardens can bring enjoyment year after year. In this class we will discuss several topics in the perennial gardening world including soil, plant requirements, planting and division, design and color schemes. You will also be given an opportunity to create a perennial garden as a group! Cost: Free

Pruning Ornamentals & Fruit Trees

When it comes to pruning you not only need to know what to do but also what NOT to do. This class will give you some important basic information about tools, timing, and technique, and help take some of the hesitation and fear out of pruning your fruit trees and ornamentals. Cost: Free

Holiday Centerpieces

This class can be for anytime of the year, a centerpiece for a family gathering, bridal or baby shower, summer party, or a holiday gathering is just a few suggestions. We will provide the materials needed whatever the occasion to create a beautiful, decorative centerpiece for you to be proud of. Cost: $25-$35 per person, depending on the time of the year.

Holiday Wreath Making

Get in the spirit of the holidays and join us for a fun filled hour making a wreath. All materials are provided, greens, wreath frame, wire, pinecones and a custom made velvet bow. We will make the bow for you or show you how to make your own bow. Other decorations and fancy ribbon are available at an additional charge. Cost: $20.00 per person

Please note: All registration fees are required in advance of the workshop and are non-refundable. Minimum of 5 people per class. All classes run approximately an hour.